Bachelor of Science, Psychology, Graduated: May 2003


  • A talented, self-starting developer with a history in the healthcare industry.
  • Proficient in full stack development in the .NET framework as well as design and implementation of WordPress web sites.
  • Designed the website for Complete Developer Podcast and wrote a simple app to create an enumerated episode list in Google Calendar.
  • He then integrated LeanKit with Google Calendars to automatically update the hosts of the upcoming episodes. This saved valuable time by reducing confusion at recording sessions.


HTML5C#Google Analytics
CSS3ASP.NET MVCChrome Dev Tools
jQueryVisual StudioNotepad++
BootstrapLeanKitVisual Studio Code


Gant Software Systems | Apprentice Web Developer | 04/15-Present

  • Designed and developed 2 sites from the ground up, redesigned a third to be mobile friendly
    • Completedeveloperpodcast.com, bowtiebeej.com, potentialnotpathology.com
  • Wrote the layout theme for www.gantsoftwaresystems.com
  • Environment: ASP.NET, C#, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, WordPress, PowerPress
  • WordPress: Edited CSS, JavaScript, and PHP as needed. Designed and developed 2 sites from the ground up starting with choosing a theme and creating a child theme
  • SEO: WordPress: All-In-One SEO and Yoast SEO plugins; Creating and managing Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter Ad campaigns
  • HTML: Created my own HTML template for building sites that incorporates Bootstrap, AngularJS, jQuery, and my custom CSS
  • CSS: Used CSS to improve the mobile experience. I also created and maintained custom CSS for all three sites that I manage; familiar with Bootstrap CSS and Normalize.css
  • JavaScript: I initially learned and used vanilla JavaScript before adding libraries and frameworks; Now I have since added jQuery and AngularJS to my knowledgebase
  • Current Projects include developing a web platform for blogs, podcasts, and product pages
  • Agile Project Management, Technical Writing, LeanKit Board Manager
    • Built and managed the Kanban boards on LeanKit for Complete Developer site

BowTie Beej | Freelance Web Developer | 11/15-Present

  • Website and Blog Creation: WordPress, Hexo, Custom .NET websites
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, C#, ASP.NET MVC
  • Azure cloud management, Technical Writing

Complete Developer Podcast | Co-Host/Website Design | 06/15-Present

  • Web Design: WordPress Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management: Facebook, Twitter,
  • Google Adwords, LeanKit Kanban Board Manager
  • Editing: audio with Audacity, technical writing: show notes, blog posts, and outlines

AFLAC | Benefits Consultant | 03/15-03/16

  • Business to Business Sales, Lead Generation: Prospecting, Marketing
  • File Claims for clients and act as intermediary between the client and the claims department
  • Educate current and potential clients on current products

Titan Elements, Inc. | Campaign Manager | 08/14-12/14

  • Direct Marketing, Retail Sales, Coordinate and Manage Product Campaigns
  • Train new employees in business processes

Community Involvement

  • Code Newbie: Code Newbie Nashville organizer
  • Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Greater Nashville