Complete Developer Podcast

In July of 2015 we began working on the podcast. We wanted to do it correct the first time and were under no time crunch so we took until September to set everything up. Here’s Will’s description of working with me on the website:

“I would highly recommend BJ for a junior developer position. I’ve been working with him for the last several months on our podcast (Complete Developer Podcast, btw) and helping him along with code. As a result of my own overly full schedule (and more than a wee bit of laziness on my part), I’ve left the website layout and design to him. I had initially intended that he would build it out and that I would go back and help him iron out any difficulties. However, he instead threw a monkey wrench into that, by going above and beyond expectations. I basically just showed up him the Chrome developer tools and turned him loose. He self-started.”