Post Production Board

post production kanban board for Complete Developer Podcast

The Recorded Lane

After moving to the Recorded lane on the PreProduction Board a card is generated in this lane for the episode. The card contains the episode title, number, and publication date. This lane provides a placeholder for episodes to be moved through post production. Since I handle our post production I become the owner of the episode at this point.

Before purchasing new equipment that combines our feeds as we record cards would not be created for this lane until both our feeds had been uploaded to a directory in Seafile on Will’s server.

The Editing Lane

First the episode is edited for content. Our goal is to keep our episodes between 50 minutes and one hour. On average an episode is 55-58 minutes long. The raw recording however can be anywhere from 55 minutes to 90 minutes. The episode is checked out to me during this process and usually takes 2 to 3 hours where I go through the entire recording and remove redundancies and off topic conversations.

If interested in how my editing process began read my post Pod to the Cast where I discuss our first episodes and the process I found for editing and mastering. Currently our episodes are mastered by our audio guru Jason Belcher.

The Post Production Lane

It is a bit meta to have a post production lane on the Post Production Board. Once edited I render the audio to a FLAC file and place it in our Google Drive for Jason to master. During this process he checks out the episode for mastering then checks it back in for me to add the meta data. He returns a rendered MP3 to me and I add meta data, title the episode, and review it once more while I add section times to the show notes.

The Archive

Finally the episode is ready to be scheduled in WordPress and published. Episode cards come here when the episode is ready for public consumption, placed on hold, or discarded.

Combined Episodes

The title of this sub-lane is a remnant from the days of doing our own mixing and rendering. It was where I placed cards once the episode had all the segments added and the two tracks were combined. Now it serves as our ready to publish lane. When a card is placed here a new card is generated on the Publishing Board.

Episodes On Hold

During the editing process an episode may need to be held from publication for review. These are rare and have priority in our Monday meetings. A recent episode was temporarily placed here when Jason found an error while mastering the audio.

Episodes placed here are quickly reviewed and either returned to the editing lane or placed in the discarded lane. This is the final review of the recorded episode.

Discarded Requests/Ideas

Episodes that do not meet our time requirements or that stray too far off topic will find their final resting place in the discarded lane. These are episodes that have been recorded and did not meet approval along the post production cycle.

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